Free Saturday - Squats and Pregnant Pullups

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Sara - Pregnant, with 18 Pullups!!
IMG_4628 WOD
For Load:

           5-5-5 rep sets
Increase load each set.
Rest as needed between sets.

As Many Rounds As Possible in 10 minutes of:

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Building the Squat - Chest up. Initiate the Squat with the butt back rather than knees forward.  Pulling back and down past parallel with the hips.  Maintaining a lumbar curve and weight in the heels.  Awesome improvements today, Genna!  Great squats, Nikki!  Front squat form does not change except in the load.  Keep the elbows up to create a rack position for the bar to rest on, chest up to keep the load from pulling you forward, drive straight out of the heels, keeping the elbows up, to come out of the bottom.
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Pullup Standards - Fully open shoulders at the bottom, chin over the bar at the top.  Nice Pistols, Katie!  Chest is up, weight in the heel, butt back...sound familiar?
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