Free Saturday Partner WOD

Free Saturday Partner WOD - IMG_6385 5 Rounds of:

Partner A Holds a Plank Partner B Does 20 KBS Switch Partner A does 20KBS while Partner B Holds a Plank

A Holds bottom of Squat B does 20 Goblet Squats Switch A does Goblet Squats B Hold bottom of squat

A hangs from pull up bar B does 20 Toes to Bar switch A does 20 Toes to Bar B hangs from Pull Up Bar

If static Hold breaks you must switch working partners. Alternate until each partner has completed their 20 reps of each .

Scale rounds, reps and load as needed

IMG_6269 IMG_6271 IMG_6276 IMG_6273 IMG_6375 IMG_6294 IMG_6378 IMG_6301 IMG_6293 IMG_6291 IMG_6372 IMG_6275 IMG_6295 IMG_6292

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