Free Saturday Gymnastics!

IMG_9689 WOD 3 rounds for time of: 5 Rope Climbs 25 Ring Dips 100 Squats

Scale options to your individual ability: Rope Climbs: 7 Ring Rows:1 RC Ring Dips: Box Dips Reps: 3 Rope Climbs/15 Dips/75 or 50 Squats

IMG_9682 IMG_9607 IMG_9619 The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs. 

The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Our terrorist hunters, skiers, mountain bike riders and housewives have found their best fitness from the same regimen.  -What Is CrossFit? Greg Glassman, founder

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How do our classes work?  There are fun, dynamic warmups that build groups cohesiveness and community, and then skill work on the movements in the workouts.  The trainers help you set up your workout, run the workout with everyone at the same time, coaching to where they see need and help.  At the end there are lots of high-5's and talking about the workout - where your strengths are, what improvements we saw, and cheers for those who excelled to new possibilities!

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