Free Saturday Fundraiser!

This Saturday is our FREE SATURDAY event where ALL are welcome to come and check out CrossFit Flagstaff and what we are all about!  Adults and kids classes are available.

Come to CrossFit Flagstaff - Saturday, March 24th at 10:00 a.m.!  Bring a friend -or two!  Bring your KIDS!  CrossFit Flagstaff Kids is also hosting a free Saturday event to introduce kids to the fun of fitness and health.  Many wonder what CrossFit is all about and each month we host a free Saturday event in which everyone is invited to come and participate, learn, ask questions, and socialize!

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This Saturday is a little special in that we have 2 events going on.  Our Free Saturday in the month of March is dedicated to fundraising for a young athlete who is fighting for his life.  Dominic is a 13 year-old CrossFitter with one of our affiliates in Tucson, who is fighting a brain tumor.  Donations are totally optional, but gladly accepted, in helping us support Dominic through his medical treatment.  Part of our workout during the day will include a tug-of-war and the proceeds to joining into that tug-of-war will go to Dominic's medical expenses.


Here is the letter from the sponsoring affiliate who will be hosting the main tug-of-war in Phoenix, between multiple CrossFit gyms.  Our tug-of-war will be a local event, pulling for Dominic in Flagstaff.

Dear Potential Sponsor,

On March 24, 2012, a group of more than 500 health driven, CrossFit individuals from across Arizona will be coming together for a special cause, Breathe Later Foundation’s Pull for Dominic Fundraiser.

Dominic Peranzi is a typical 13-year-old boy who loves to play football and spend quality time with his family and friends. Sadly, just over a month ago, Dominic was diagnosed with a Germ Cell Brain Tumor. He immediately began chemo and radiation treatment and is fighting vigorously to beat this cancer. However, Dominic and his family have a long, challenging road ahead of them. Dominic and his family are members of our friends down at CrossFit Now in Tucson, AZ. In the spirit of the CrossFit Community, we are coming together to help raise as much money for Dominic and his family to help fight this evil battle called cancer.

Our goal at Breathe Later Foundation (CrossFit Fury) is to help Dominic and his family raise money to alleviate the cost of Dominic’s numerous medical procedures that will end up costing tens of thousands of dollars when all is said and done. In order to do so, we are holding a special event on Saturday, March 24th to raise money for Dominic. We are going to host a Tug of War tournament among our Arizona CrossFit affiliates. The key, each gym, or team, will have to raise a minimum of $2500 in order to buy in to the tournament. We hope to have eight teams total and raise $ 20,000 just from team sales.

However, we don’t want to stop there! We could use the community’s support too. It takes a lot to put on a fundraiser and we would love your support in our quest to help save Dominic. Whether it is a monetary donation or a physical donation like water for our athletes, food for our spectators or a bounce house to entertain our kids, we would appreciate it. Breathe Later Foundation, is a 501c3 organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible. Our tax ID is 90- 0799378.

We will appreciate any donation, however donations (monetary or physical) of or exceeding $100 will receive: $250- Company name on event shirt

$500-Company Logo on event shirt, social media recognition on Facebook and Tweeter,
$1000-Company Logo on event shirt, social media recognition on Facebook and Tweeter, Fury sponsor on website
$2500-Main Sponsor to ALL fundraising events! Social media recognition on Facebook and Tweeter, 1 year membership, and website advertising.

With your support, Pull for Dominic will be a HUGE success and we can’t let him down. Dominic is only 13 years old and he has a life time of dreams a head of him including playing college football and so much more. Can you help make that happen? Please donate what you can and let us know if you have any questions. Let’s Pull Together in the spirit of Pull for Dom!

We would love your support for this fundraiser.

Peter Egyed
Owner, CrossFit Fury

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