"FRAN" Celebrates Eileen's Birthday!

IMG_9213CrossFit Benchmark WOD - "Fran"

21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time of:

  • Thrusters -95# M/65# W
  • Pullups

Compare to Dec 2010 Day 1, Day 2                         
                                                                             What "Fran" might look like!

IMG_4009Original "Fran'ers" -Greg and Annie [wmv]
Fran by Christy, Primal Fitness [wmv][mov]
Fran -CrossFit Hardcore Seminar Part 2 [wmv][mov]
Fran, 1:53, Jason Kaplan [wmv][mov]
Fran sub-2:00, Miguel Flores [wmv][mov]
Fran - 2:02, Josh Bridges [wmv][mov]
Fran - 2:05, Speal [wmv][mov]
Fran -2:19, Brett Marshall [mov]
Fran, Mikko Salo [wmv][mov]

IMG_9193 IMG_9205 IMG_9186

Welcome to your first class (and 1st Fran!), Berkely!


This is what Fran feels like. The edges go blurry & the walls start closing in.

IMG_9180 IMG_9206

IMG_3087 IMG_3264

Happy Birthday, Eileen!!!

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