Img_9533CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Fran"

21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time of:

Compare to March 2008 and December 2007.

 Instructional Videos -watch to observe form critiques and learn-and enjoy!
-WOD Demo Video by Greg and Josh. (older vid-not great on form, overhead isn't complete in the thrusters, chins aren't  often over the bar)
-"Franlanta" -WOD Demo Video by CrossFit Atlanta. (form comments in video)
-WOD Demo Video by Greg and Annie. (newer vid-much better form)
-2:19 min. WOD Demo Video by Brett Marshall of CrossFit Calgary.
-Heavy Fran Competition Videos by Dave Leys and Greg Amundson.
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Nice work, Ethan, on completing "Fran" as prescribed!  Ethan really learned how to release the power of his hip to drive that bar up, rather than just pressing it overhead with his arms.  Awesome job, EVERYONE, today!