FRAN and Farewell to a CrossFit Trainer

IMG_2917CrossFit Benchmark WOD - "Fran"
21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time:

  • Thrusters -95 lb. M/65 lb. W
  • Pullups

Compare to March, May and September 2008.

"Dear CrossFit Community -

CrossFit San Diego has had some very sad news today, with the loss of a member of their community.
Miguel Flores was a trainer at CFSD and was in a devastating car accident last night - it is my understanding that he is on life support and arrangements are being made for his organs to provide new life for others."

CrossFit San Diego's Comments on Miguel

Miguel Flores, first sub 2:00 Fran: 1:57 - video [wmv] [mov]

IMG_2884 IMG_2906 IMG_2903
New PR's and onto the White Board today!  Nice work Steve, Casey, and Katie!
IMG_2879 IMG_2909 IMG_2912
Good face of intensity, Eileen!  Bill is prepared....   The Dynamic Duo "Fran" together!

IMG_2370 IMG_2389 

Tara does Fran at the fire station!