Foundations Built to Complexity

WOD - Build your foundational movements - the Front Squat and Push Press - and then combine the 2 into a more complex one - the ThrusterIMG_96226-10 Comp board Front Squat 3x1

Push Press 3x1

Thruster 3x1

COMP SQUAD EXTRAS 5 Rounds For Time: 200m Run 40 Double Unders 10 Kettlebell Swings -2 pood/1.5 pood


With all the Front Squat practice in the skill work as part of the warmup this month, we are really seeing some great improvement in squat technique!  Thank you for all your attention and positive reception to the coaching!  Love seeing those "knees out" and "high elbows" helping more and more weights go up!  Keep up the good work and attention to the small details that make the big difference!

IMG_9567 IMG_9600 IMG_9593 We welcome Trey Hudson into our community, today!  Also had a couple of visitors - Damian from CF 760 (CA) and Tiffany from Axle CF (Las Vegas) who is joining us for the summer!

IMG_9535 IMG_9588 IMG_9534 Congratulations to Susan on attaining her CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate this weekend at CF Fury!!

IMG_9587Nikki has an armful of some of our beautiful new babies we have at the gym, lately!  SO awesome to see these mommies getting in and being strong for their children!  What great examples!