Food for Thought

Carrie Klumpar, of CrossFit Eastside, is one smart cookie (ooh!  Did I just say that "C" word? mmmmm....) and knows how to say it and say it well.  I always enjoy reading her posts, so I thought I would share her musings and writings about eating well and eating right with all of you.  Enjoy.


Notwithstanding our signature “get some, go again” attitude, you’ve all heard us advise incrementalism in incorporating intensity into your workouts. Take small steps, learn to do it right, hone your technique—and then gradually build up to full-on gusto. When it comes to nutrition, there’s less danger in jumping right into the deep end and dialing in your diet perfectly. And for some people, a sudden break, total commitment, and a cold-turkey attitude about the sins of the dietary past is a remarkably effective tactic.

However, for some of you, easing your way into dietary virtuosity can be a fruitful path. Slower, maybe, but sometimes the tortoise and the hare end up at the same finish line eventually. And even small changes—relatively painless ones—can have a big impact (especially when they begin to snowball).

For those of you looking to make incremental improvements, here is a list of some changes you can begin to introduce. The idea is not necessarily to do all these all at once, but to incorporate them into your life one or two at a time. Once one change becomes a habit and not a hardship or a focused effort, then implement another, and so on.

You can also regard this list as a rough priority guide, in that, if you’re worrying about the exact fatty acid ratio of nut A versus nut B, but you haven’t incorporated any of the items on this list into your life, your priorities might be a tiny bit skewed. Or, if you spend hours debating whether deer milk would count as a paleo food--since, well, technically, Paleolithic Man could’ve hunted down and milked wild does!--but you’re discussing it between drags on a cigarette outside your favorite bar, you might be putting the cart in front of the horse, as it were.

So, here’s some food for thought:

1. Consider taking fish oil supplements. Yeah, they seem expensive at first, but it’s cheap insurance.

2. Learn to identify trans fats and eliminate them from your repertoire of foods.

3. Stop drinking soda (yes, “diet” soda too).

4. Make sure you’re getting some form of protein in every meal and snack.

5. Drastically reduce your intake of straight-up sugars. Yeah, the obvious things, but also fruit juice, “sports” drinks, and unfavorable carbs (see next item). Avoid “food” products containing high-fructose corn syrup.
6. Reduce your intake of starches: pasta, rice, bread, cereals, processed grains. Eat more veggies, especially leaves, instead.

If you’re not doing at least these things, you have lots of room for improvement. Think of it as an opportunity—to improve your health, fitness, performance, appearance, mood, and energy level.

These are baby steps to full commitment to healthy nutrition. But you gotta start somewhere, and, heck, FloJo learned to walk with baby steps, just like the rest of us.

Thanks, Carrie!

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