First Pullups!

IMG_7246 WOD
Front Squat
5-5-5 rep rounds for load.

Rest, then:
2 Rounds for time-20 reps then 10 reps of:

(expected time cap of 5-7 minutes, choose weight accordingly)

Rest, then:
Good Mornings
8-8-8 rep rounds to stretch and recover.
IMG_7145 IMG_7210IMG_7090IMG_7091IMG_7094IMG_7093IMG_7095IMG_7230IMG_7231IMG_7232
LAUREN GOT HER FIRST KIPPING PULLUP TONIGHT -AND THEN GOT 5 MORE RIGHT IN A ROW!  Yay!!!  Laura ALSO got a PR in FIVE kipping pullups in a row!  SUPER STRONG GIRLS!!  They both then proceeded to continue their pullups in teaching Lee and Jane how to kip.  It was really awesome to watch all of you working on that together.