Final 2017 WOD

"TAKE OFF" Teams of 3: 100 Calorie Row 100 DB Snatches (50/35) 100 Lateral Barbell Burpees 100 Thrusters (115/80) 100 Lateral Barbell Burpees 100 DB Snatches (50/35) 100 Calorie Row

One person works at a time. 30-35 min intent. 40 Minute cap.

Scale to 75 reps of each movement for newer athlete teams and to keep under the time cap.

A Letter to RX Athletes from a Scaler a Crossfit Athlete, I find myself between a scaler and an RX’er: do I RX the workout and be slower or do I scale the weight and move faster? Bar muscle-ups, yeah no. Chest-to-bars, ok, I can do those. Overhead plate lunges, Burpees, and Double-Unders today? Check the RX block for THAT workout, baby! 80LBS thrusters and the assault bike? Um…I’ll do as many rounds as I can at 80LBS, then check that scaled block, because this girl is doing 65LBS!"

[box] I find myself between a scaler and an RX’er: do I RX the workout and be slower or do I scale the weight and move faster?[/box]

[box] So, when it comes to partner workouts, I’m suddenly that awkward kid at a middle school dance. It’s nerve racking. I don’t want to ask the RX’er to be my partner. I don’t want to slow them down, but at the same time, I want to push myself to go harder to try to keep up. I want to be better. I just don’t want to ask.[/box]

...“Awesome!  I’m sorry in advance for holding you back. I know I’m going to be slow at those clean and jerks and it will probably hurt your time. Are you sure you want to be my partner?”

She stood there for a moment, then looked at me and said: If anyone has a bad partner workout, it’s their own fault. The time at the end doesn’t matter. It’s about pushing each other, picking up a few extra reps on the things you’re good at if your partner needs a rest, and getting through the workout together. Of course I still want to be your partner. Now, add the 10’s, we’re doing this at 95LBS.”

And you know what? I absolutely did slow us down. The 95LBs Clean and Jerks were really hard. For every one I could do, she did two to three.... But that experience with an athlete I look up to in her level of fitness and capabilities gave me the confidence to continue to partner with other RX athletes at the gym. And with every request, I’ve found their responses to be the same: “Of course I’ll be your partner. Stop apologizing for making us slower. I’m proud of you for the accomplishments you’ve made”.

To the RX athletes who partner with us scalers, thank you. Are we going to hesitate to ask you? Probably. Are we going to apologize to you for slowing you down or holding you back? Most likely. But partnering with you makes us push harder and makes us better.  So, thanks for taking less rounds or more seconds to your final score and for picking up the slack and doing more reps. You’re making us better athletes, not just as a role model for your capabilities, but for taking your time to push and support us in our capabilities and what we’ve accomplished.

And we, the scalers, thank you for that.

Happy New Year, everyone!  Cheers to all the great fitness we have in store for you in the new year to come!

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