Fight For Monty Fundraiser Saturday!!!

Monty P3250171Img_8086_resize

Come one, come all!  Bring friends, family, enemies, you name it!  Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. we will be holding our normal "Free Saturday Workout" for all who want a workout and all who want to be introduced to CrossFit.  This Saturday will be different only in that we are going to make it an optional fundraiser for our good friend and fellow CrossFitter, Monty Webster.

Monty has been with us for several months now and has made huge strides in his strength, has become a part of our CrossFit family, and just keeps pushing his limits, proving to all of us what we are each capable of - which is more than we ever thought possible.  Monty has been an inspiration in his tenacity, will to thrive, and motivation.  We would like to help Monty continue to come to CrossFit and we are asking for that help from all who would come and participate in this "Fight For Monty" workout tomorrow,.

This workout is infinitely scalable and no matter if you are familiar with CrossFit or not, we can make it fit your needs so everyone can participate and have a great time together.

Hope to see you all there tomorrow morning!