Femme Royale - Partner Competition

The Femme Royale Partner Compettion was held on Saturday Nov. 22nd at CrossFit Black Storm in Phoenix and CrossFit Flagstaff Represented with two strong teams!

Team Ankylosaurus (Dawn and Julie) and CFF Management (we know, we aren't very creative)

photo 1 photo 2

Event #1 -3 Rounds: 

500 M Row    30 Kettle Bell Swings 35#   15 Pull Ups

IMG_8099 IMG_8106 IMG_8177 IMG_8210 IMG_8075 IMG_8262 IMG_8250 IMG_8142

Event 2 A: 6 Minutes for each person to find a 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

Event 2B: Followed immediately by max Double Unders in 2 Minutes

IMG_8318 IMG_8321 IMG_8333 IMG_8354 IMG_8403 IMG_8397 IMG_8391

Event #3: Chipper

80 20# Wall Ball to 10'   60 Box Jumps   40 HSPU   20 105# Overhead Squats

IMG_8415 IMG_8440 IMG_8426IMG_8419 IMG_8512 IMG_8605 IMG_8489 IMG_8521 IMG_8610 IMG_8586 IMG_8579 IMG_8641 IMG_8664 IMG_8672

Lindsay and Tara took 3rd and Dawn and Julie were right behind them in 4th! BIG THANKS to Carolyn for being our team photographer and cheering section! 

IMG_8737 IMG_8767

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