Farewell to Casey - But NOT Goodbye!

Casey is moving to Phoenix to go to school to become a paramedic, but he'll be back up to the high country to visit and hopefully he'll move back here once he's finished!

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Casey, you have been a huge part of CrossFit Flagstaff since August 7, 2008, helping build it's history, and have left your imprint on this place and in our lives.  You'll always have a home here, waiting for your return! 

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We miss you already, and you're hardly down the road...  Thank you for all you have given to this community.  Your heart and generosity are the gifts you leave in our memories.

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A comment exchange from Casey and another gym member on the website post of "Accountability".

"Accountabilty-hell ya!oh ya!i fall short of every goal i have ever set!but i still set,i still strive,i still dig,i still fail,i still cry.then i set,i strive,i DIG,I FAIL,I CRY,I SET,I STRIVE,I DIG,I FAIL,I CRY!ITS AWESOME!I love it!in the meantime i try to help the people around me who are setting goals,striving,digging,failing,or crying!!!"  -Casey

The response and a sentiment that expresses how we all feel...
"Thank GOD for Casey! That just looks like a healthy life pattern of pushing through the hard stuff, to get to the good stuff. Casey, you are the good stuff."  -I

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"Its nice to wake up with a passion.
Hit the gym,a few friends,a few smiles.the music starts-
Weights clashing,teeth gnashing,egos smashing.
Blood pumping,bass line thumping,
we're running,lifting,then jumping!
Lisa's,"come on,your almost done!"
Muscles failing,adrenaline sailing.
Encouragement from all around.clock stops-
hit the ground!
A few friends,a few smiles,maybe some flirtin'.
And a ,"be back tomorrow?"
For certain!
thanks Lis"
-Casey Rose, Dec. 2008

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Thank you, Casey.  Good luck in all you do!  We'll see you soon.