Erin and a Birthday

IMG_1062CrossFit Hero WOD - "Erin"
5 rounds for time of:

  • 15 Dumbbell Split Cleans -40# M/30# W
  • 21 Pullups

Dumbbell Split Clean - CrossFit video [wmv][mov]

Compare to Sept 2010

IMG_1017 IMG_1009 IMG_1009 IMG_0986 IMG_0986 IMG_0986 IMG_0986

IMG_1060 Strength Focus - ME Bench Press - 1RM


Nuts and Bolts Session #3 - Deadlift/Kettlebell Swings

DL Skill Work: 

  • Proper setup position - noting where people should feel tension, weight in heels, bar position, head position, chest position
  • Bar path - close to body, pulling back on the entire pull
  • Body position through pull - upper back tension, chin pulled in through entire movement
  • Return - never let the bar drop, teach concept of pressing hips back and keeping bar through frontal plane, knees backed off.  Advanced:  touch and go

KBS Skill Work:

  • IMG_1057Body Positions: Heel Plant, High Chest, Proper Back Position, Straight Arms, Lean Back from Up Swing, TIGHT core w/butt and knees snapped in-line at up swing (gains momentum and also keeps bell from flipping back)


AMRAP 10 min:

6 Deadlifts (heavy - relative to individual)
7 Burpee Pullups
8 KBS (heavy - relative to individual)


IMG_7965 IMG_7965 IMG_7965 IMG_4059 IMG_7038