End of the Week!

Sundays mean REST or make up the workout you missed in the last couple of days!  This Sunday is the end of 5 weeks of the CrossFit Games Open workouts, with 14.5 being one of the opportunities today! IMG_2220IMG_2185 IMG_2154 IMG_2182IMG_2150 IMG_2149IMG_2183 IMG_2188 IMG_2179IMG_2164 IMG_2161 IMG_2152

Please give HUGE thanks to all of our judges who went through the challenge of taking the Judges Course and diligently put more time and effort into being at the gym every Friday, Sunday, and Monday so they could judge all of you competitors!  They all have other things that fill their days and this was an incredible sacrifice on their part to be at the 6:00 a.m. classes and come in throughout the day on Fridays, and arrive again each Sunday morning.  Not easy, but it shows their dedication and interest in YOU as our athletes, and how much it means to all of them to see you performing as a competitive athlete!  The reward for all of us is in your success and seeing you all break down new barriers for yourselves. 


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