Img_1473CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Elizabeth"
21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time:

Annie and Greg Demo "Elizabeth".
Annie Cleans Heavy.

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Need more full hip and knee extension.  Jason ends up pulling the bar a little with his arms to compensate.
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Too much pull with the arms, everyone.  Curling the bar and catching high, sinking into a squat rather than pulling yourself down quickly under the bar at the point of the full extension.  Look how much the bar moves above it's point of weightlessness after you shrug.
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Too much arm pull, need higher elbows in the catch.  Whip the elbows around the bar, release it from the grip, and provide a shelf to meet the bar with at the shoulders in the front squat position.
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Set up is too open through the knees, Chloe.  Give yourself more pulling power by lowering the hips, more angle at the knees.  Good extension, but pulled high, then sank into the squat.
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Izzy, gotta work on that back.  Also, need to come to more full hip extension.
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