Elbows Deep!


Westside Lift:  (RE) Deadlifts 5x5 - 70-80% 1RM


  • Hang Clean and Jerk

Hang Clean [wmv][mov]

Jerk [wmv][mov]

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Foot Position:

Your feet should be placed about the width of the hips or narrower with the bar directly above the middle of your feet.

Hip Height:

When you lower your hips to grip the bar, you should only go down until you have a comfortable grip, no further. Take a deep breath as you lower your hips and slightly bend your knees.  It's important to breathe as you sit your hips back, pulling the slack out of the bar, and building tension in the body for the ascent.

Shoulder Blades

Shoulders should be positioned over the top of the bar, shoulders slightly forward or in-line with the bar, as that is where the bar will suspend from.

The Ascent:

To start your pull, drive through the floor with your heels. Keep your chest and your head up. Focus your eyes on a point several feet in front of you. Your lower back must stay tightly arched.

As you pull the bar up, your hips and shoulders should move upward at about the same speed. If you raise your hips too fast, you will end up doing a strait-legged deadlift.

The Layback:

When the bar is past your knees and your shins are now strait, you are ready for the layback.

Pull the bar back by retracting your shoulder blades. Then drive your hips into the bar. You should feel like you are trying to lean backward with the bar, using your body as a counterweight. Obviously you won't be able to lean backward very far, but your muscles will get a better pull if you concentrate and focus on pulling back.

Lowering The Bar:

Bend at the hips with your knees slightly bent. Control the weight of the bar to the floor.


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