Eileen's Successes Continue

Eileen has stepped up to the plate and really dug in, learning on a consistent basis about her diet.  What her intakes were, what they should be.  She has been giving it a very solid effort and has been a really great example of what happens when you make even small changes.  Many feel it IS an all or nothing game, and can't conceive of taking it on.  But it isn't.  Just like anything, it's a learning process to get better and everyone approaches from a different way.  The biggest take-home from her experience is that just making small changes makes a big difference.  Then, maybe you can make more changes down the road once these ones have become a normal part of your life. 



I think I am living proof that even the most sugar-addicted amongst us can make radical changes without doing anything perfectly, or even near perfectly.

 I’m not zoning by the book.  Or should I say by the scale.  The most I could commit to was to try, and I mean try, to eat the eyeball appropriate amounts of proteins carbs and fats in each meal.  I have bought a lot of fish and fake soy meats because I am still a veggie.  The verdict on soy meats for the crossfit zone is mixed at best.  The easiest way for me to get carbs thru veggies is to keep buying pre-made broccoli salads at new frontiers. I know they are not officially zone appropriate.  I have substituted my cravings for carbs with large handfuls of mixed nuts throughout the day.  I know I eat far more nuts than I would be allowed on a strict diet.  Given the unpredictability of many of my days, my snacks are sometimes natural energy bars which are not balanced zone bars, or handfuls of nuts on the run.  On many days I still drink a coffee with sweetened creamer – DREADED SUGAR.   Until last week I had one or two beers each night. 

 What I have done is cut out TOTALLY – all breads, burritos, rice, bagels, potatoes, and grains.  Not to mention an absolute moratorium on candies, chocolates, cereals, munchies or chips. While I did 90 percent of this months ago, it’s only been about three weeks that I’m doing it totally.  In the last week I decided to give up the daily beers and drink once (maybe twice) per week.

 WHAT INCREDIBLE RESULTS!  Three weeks in and I eat less than I have in years.  I don’t suffer from cravings.  I go to crossfit when I can, which is from 2 –4 times a week and am back to taking tennis lessons which are heavy aerobic workouts.  The body fat is melting.  I mean melting.  Radically fast.  I’m thinner and leaner and stronger than ever.  I believe I may even see definition in my midsection if I keep this up.  Unheard of!  I feel good about myself and even proud to be doing this – this imperfect diet change, for only three weeks.

 Perfection has never been my thing.  I don’t think  I do anything in my life “as prescribed”.  But giving it my “scaled” best is actually enough.  What an amazingly positive lesson to be living when so often it seems that if you can’t do it perfectly, don’t do it at all.     Thanks Crossfit.

Keep up the good work, Eileen!  Congratulations!

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