Driving Hard!

Img_0243WOD                               Kathleen: 32:30,33lb.
3 Rounds for Time:           Ryan: 32:35, 65lb.

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Everyone really dug deep for this workout today.  But, there were rewards for that effort.  People did more weight on their thrusters than they have ever done before-or thought they were capable of, almost everyone got double-unders and for many it was their first time, and just getting through the workout itself was a huge accomplishment for others.  Today, on the affiliates page of the main CrossFit.com webpage, a quote was posted that I felt was hugely appropriate to the effort people put out at CrossFit Flagstaff today.  Every person got stronger, not one was lazy.  You can see it in their faces.

"You’ve got to drive the body to the last inch of energy then go on! You gain nothing by just going up to where your body says you’re tired. The body will build and grow only to fit the demands the mind makes upon the lazy body. If all you do is exercise until the body is tired, the body will get lazy and stop a bit shorter every time. You must go to the point of exhaustion, then go on. That way the body figures out, “We’ve got to build up more strength if that crazy mind is going to drive this hard!” If you always quit when you are merely tired, you will never gain. Once you let the body tell the mind when to quit, you are whipped for sure. You can not gain by listening to the body. We can become much stronger if we drive the body. We use about on-tenth of the available strength of our bodies and less than that of our minds."

-General George Patton, sent in by Maggie Dabe-Colby of CrossFit Fairfax.

Img_0094 Img_0098 Img_0084
Chloe got double-unders today!  Nice jumps, Girls!  Great to have you back, Izzy!
I wonder if these guys can get any higher on those jumps?  Can you say Michael Jordon?       Katie and Cody both got double-unders tonight!
Img_0135 Img_0145 Img_0162 Img_0173 Img_0199 Img_0197_2 Img_0225Img_0214
Cullen and Cody pushed each other HARD today!  Cody really gave Cullen a run for his money and took him by 9 seconds!  Nice work, both of you!

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