Double Grace

Double GraceIMG_1103 IMG_1100 60 Clean and Jerks 135#M/95#W


Comp Squad Extras: 20 Rep Benchmark

20 unbroken Snatches – all reps must be TnG. No resting in the hang or on the ground, Resting overhead is ok.

SprintsIMG_1101 6x200m Run, on the 2 minute

Strength Focus: Dynamic Bench Press

5x5 bench press with hanging ktb on each side

IMG_1039 IMG_1049 IMG_1099IMG_1051 IMG_1053 IMG_1059 IMG_1070

HI MOM and DAD! I miss you, hope youre having fun on your trip!

Don't worry about me, I get to hang out with my good pal Eli every day.