You are responsible for making sure your Workout 12.3 score is submitted by:
March 11 5:00 PM Pacific Time (This is now FLAGSTAFF time!)

Please be aware the United States switches to Daylight saving time on March 11. If your location does not observe Daylight saving time, you will need to submit your workout an hour earlier than usual.

You can confirm your score has been successfully submitted by seeing that it appears on your Score Submission History. If you do not see your score on that page, it is not in our system, and you need to try again.

Late scores are not allowed. If you are having technical problems submitting a score, you must email before the deadline with your name, score, and the name of the affiliate validating it or the video url. Any emails received after the deadline will not be considered.

Other information:

  • You can submit multiple scores per week while submissions are open. Your best validated score will be on the leaderboard.
  • On your Score Submission History page you can withdraw a score and re-submit if you made an error.
  • After submissions close on Sunday, Affiliates have until March 13 5:00 PM Pacific Time to validate your scores. It is the responsibility of the Affiliate manager to validate scores before that deadline.
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