Donna Sets the Bar For the Day

IMG_5790 WOD
Back Squat 1 set of 20 reps
    -heavy, straight through


21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time of:

DonnaDips DonnaJumpRope DonnaRings DonnaDL IMG_3160 DonnaFS IMG_5757
Donna set the bar for the Back Squat weight to chase today!  The guys came in, took one look at the weight Donna used, and GROANED!  Isabelle, our strongest female squatter, came in and looked at Donna's weight and GROANED!  All of them would have gone lighter if it hadn't been for Donna setting that bar at 70k for 20 squats!  This little lady has been with us a year and has come a LONG way.  Her determination, tenacity, and complete willingness to PUSH THAT BAR for herself has really paid off. 
Donna, thank you for setting that bar high for the rest of CrossFit Flagstaff!  YOU ROCK!