CF Benchmark WOD - "Diane"IMG_8962
21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time:

  • Deadlift -225# M/155# W
  • Handstand Pushups


Compare to Nov 2012, Feb 2012, Feb 24/27 2011


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Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff, Kaine and Jessica!

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Thanks to all the visitors who stopped in for a workout today!

So who improved their time or used less of a scale on yesterday's and/or today's benchmark WOD?  Part of the success of CrossFit is seeing results. The simple formula; measurable, observable, and repeatable are all we need to show realistic improvements.

This why standards (both in full range of motion as well as weights, heights, scales, etc) are so important when you do your workout. If you really want to see how much you've improved you have to use the same standards the second time that you used the first time. The only time we don't want that to be true is when you have become stronger or adapted more skills to use less of a scale.

But you can still see your results by comparing the improvements in those areas even if the times, reps, or weights didn't improve.

Keep up the hard work and when you see a repeated WOD make sure you check the previous whiteboard photos and you log books for your previous results! This is why we encourage you to keep a log book! Your data is a track record of your improving fitness and it's also a window into the areas and skills you need to work on in Nuts and Bolts and Open Freeform/Skill Work gym times.