December FREE SATURDAY!!!!

IMG_9526CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day)“Escape from Wonderland” 3 Rounds: 75 Double-Unders 50 Air Squats 25 Calorie Row

11-15 min time domain intent. Scales: Double Unders: 30 attempts, new athletes - 30 Single Unders Squats: 35 , new athletes - 25 Row: 15 calories

Thank you to all who braved their intimidation and had the courage to come and try out CrossFit today!  We applaud you and thank you for giving us a shot!

IMG_9492 IMG_9491 IMG_9489IMG_9488 IMG_9482IMG_9503 IMG_9499 IMG_9480IMG_9479 IMG_9490IMG_9484 IMG_9495 IMG_9486 Even Buddy joined us today!  Such a good squatter!

What is next for those interested in pursuing the next step at CrossFit Flagstaff?


For those with 0 to 6 months CrossFit experience we offer our Foundations Program as a precursor to the regular CrossFit regimen. If you are new to exercise, our style of training, or you simply just don’t know where to begin this is the right first step. Great for beginners and the experienced alike! We want to ensure that all our athletes have the same base of understanding. Foundations is a ongoing program that can be started at any time, with a check list of movements and skills to learn.  This course is dedicated to those who need an “on-ramp” to the “highway” that is CrossFit, need a refresher or focus time on form, or are recovering from an injury. In Foundations we emphasize mechanics, consistency, and then intensity. We will train you proper exercise mechanics and techniques at relatively light loads. You will become consistent with those mechanics under the watchful eye of our highest level of trained coaches. Finally, you will learn how to bring up the intensity to increase your capacity for the normal classes. We will be showing you movements in the beginning that are relatively non-technical, and progressively become more technical with experience. Clients are welcome to stay in this program as long as they feel necessary, and also return to this program at any future time to reinforce their fundamentals.

For more information, see our website about how to Get Started.

Take advantage of our Holiday Special and get started for $360 for 3 months! ($30/month off the normal monthly rate, putting you at $5-6/class!) This special is good for January, February, and March.


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