December Free Saturday

IMG_9680IMG_9684Team C.ROW Teams of 3 (one works, two rest) 3 Rounds for time of: 50 Power Cleans -135# M/95# W 1500m Row (must switch every 250m)

"While CrossFit may not be right for everyone it may very well be right for you. You’ll never find out if you try and experience it through the twisted pages of the Interweb, so be wary of creating an opinion based solely on the belligerent works of Internet trolls and squabble peddlers."

Every month CrossFit Flagstaff opens their doors to the public for a Free Saturday "Come and check it out".  This Saturday we welcomed a number of new adults and kids.  They were introduced to the gym and the staff, taken through a warm-up, taught the skills needed to do the workout, and then walked through the workout-of-the-day (WOD).  The workout was scaled to meet every experience level and experienced athletes guided new folks through. THANKS TO ALL THOSE THAT CAME AND TRIED IT OUT!!

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