Day 1 of the L1 Seminar at CrossFit Flagstaff

11 athletes from CrossFit Flagstaff attended the CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Course this weekend! Here is a little view into what their Saturday looked like.

IMG_6219 IMG_6237IMG_6229 IMG_6228

Lectures on movement and theory coupled with break out groups where they were coaching each other through movements kept them busy and moving all day long.

IMG_6241 IMG_6234 IMG_6226 Coaching Pull ups and Thrusters AND helping get markers out of boxes! All in a day's work. ;)

IMG_6242 IMG_6227 IMG_6231 IMG_6243

And then...They conquered  'FRAN' to end the day!

IMG_6247 IMG_6257 IMG_6253IMG_6254 IMG_6249 IMG_6255 IMG_6246IMG_6262 IMG_6263IMG_6265

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