"Davison" 3 Rounds. 1 Squat Clean 205# M/140#Wlance-ac2img_6698 8 Deficit HSPU (hands on 45# plates M/ 25# plates W) 79 Double Unders

*2 min rest*

3 Rounds. 2 Muscle Ups 9 Back Squats 205#M /140#W (no racks) 14 Cal. Row

*2 min rest*

3 min to find 1 RM Bench Press

Compare to : Jan 2015  Jan 2014  May 2013

On 2-9-2014 we lost Sgt. Lance Davison, a long time athlete and member of our community. He served in the USMC Marine Force Recon. He was a OEF/OIF Combat Veteran and he was a recipient of the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. January 8th was his birthday, so we chose to celebrate him with his Hero WOD today. It is also a day to be open about mental health struggle, be it PTSD or any other issue. It is a day to recognize and appreciate the strong community that you are surrounded by, and know that each one of your CrossFit peers is there for you if you need them. NEVER ABOVE YOU. NEVER BELOW YOU. ALWAYS BESIDE YOU.


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