Cullen Kicks Captain Crunch

…And other tales of midnight cereal snacks and packing pastriesinto pants pockets for “later.” So I’ll officially weigh myself today, I’m guessing I’m about 170 -175 lbs. I’ve been CrossFitting for almost three months and a carbo-loading vegetarian for over 6 years. My daily diet until this point has been snacks, snacks, pasta, cereal, snacks, cereal, fruit, and sometimes some vegetables. I would consider myself a medium man and was told I am about a 15 – 16 blocker. I am going to attempt 6 weeks minimum of changing my habits and diet. I’ll add meat and shop attentively.  Just to be up front with it: I am addicted to sugar.  I weighed and measured my food yesterday and found it quite difficult, I ended up eating what I saw Lisa, Ryan and Susan eating. It was just easier that way. I know that if I want any honesty in this attempt I will have to keep a log and ask a lot of questions. My overall goal is in 6 weeks to do Fran in less than 10 minutes, earn a high 200’s in Fight Gone Really Bad, stay committed and be able to jump at least once over Peak’s Gym. I also think I will have to use a cheat day for Ice Cream. 

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