CrossFit Flagstaff in Yosemite

Our friends, Steve and Laurie Yu, have the pleasure of living in such a beautiful place as Yosemite.  They haven't officially affiliated yet, but they are a definite home to a great CrossFit garage and welcome the Yosemite National Park residents to work out there.  Laurie and I did 75 Overhead Squats with Yosemite Falls and Lost Arrow Spire with a climber on tyrolian traverse to focus on.  Awesome work, Laurie, and thank you!
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In the mean time, Isabelle covered Monday morning's class.  Thank you so much, Isabelle!
3 rounds for time:
  600m run (alley run + Stop sign to Stop sign)
  25 Kettlebell swings
  600m run
  25 Burpees
  600m run
  25 Box Jumps

"I did not do as you had written, but did do the workout I was suppose to teach on Tuesday....kind of.  I had it written as you had it written & just about one round in....many of my participants could swear that you did not mean 3 rounds.  They were all being assaulted by the one round.

So many of them took a few minutes and decided that since Connie was going for the full 3, that they should at least do two.  * I love this group!!*  So there was some modifications to everyone's individual workouts and everyone was really happy to have had the gym opened for a great workout.  We were there until almost 11am, and had a great time."

Our group was :
Kyle Doll
Connie (the badass)