Crossfit WOD - "Jump Street"

Deload Front Squat 6x3 at 50% of 1RMWe will re-test your front squat later in the week!!!


3 Rounds: 400 Meter Run 15 Power Clean and Jerks 75 Double-Unders




Great job today CFF with selecting the appropriate scale for the workout! Today many of you expressed interest in improving skills outside of class, specifically getting better at the 400m runs. The common response to the question "what do you think you need to do?" was interesting. Many of you believed that you needed to start running a couple miles every day to improve your 400m runs in workouts. I will say that if you do decide to start running a couple miles a few times a week it will definitely help increase your capacity, but not target your 400m runs specifically. It is comparable to saying you would like to increase your 1 Rep Max back squat, so you decide to do 100 air squats a couple times a week. Your air squat capacity may improve, but not necessarily your 1 Rep Max. So, if you would like to improve your 400m runs in WODs, then it is recommended that you perform shorter sprint intervals. For example, you could try running 8 rounds of 250m sprints resting 90seconds in between each run. Your goal for the workout would be to run each one at about your 85%-90% 250m pace and try to maintain or minimize the amount of drop off per run by a few seconds(~5-8sec). Once you have accomplished the intended goal and repeat the results, you could begin to extend the distance of the run to 300m, 350m, etc... Learning to train smarter not just doing MORE is important to improving specific skills and goals.