Crossfit WOD - "Get Your KB On"

"Get Your KB on" 5 RFT: 10 Double KB/DB Front Squats -55/35# 15 KB Swings -55/35# 20 Box Jumps - 24"/20"





Kettle bell swings are a great hip extension movement to build explosion through the hips. We focus a majority of the time on the forward swing, keeping the kettle bell close, letting the hips do the work, and keeping the arms relaxed, but how often do yo think of the return. Jeff Martone does a great job of explaining how to counter balance the return of the kettle bell swing and why it is so important. So, if you find you are really out of breath or you grip is getting taxed early during kettle bell swings use this video to help refine your kettle bell swings.