IMG_9931CrossFit Benchmark WOD
The CrossFit Total

Back Squat, 1 rep max
Shoulder Press, 1 rep max
Deadlift, 1 rep max

3 attempts at each movement once warmed up.
Add together best lift of each movement for your CF Total.

Compare to Dec 3, 2012/Make Up

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Nuts and Bolts - Snatch skill work

IMG_9918 IMG_9918

GoheavyLove heavy days at CrossFt Flagstaff!

Sharing platforms, lifting heavy weights, laughing, lifting heavier weights, giving each other encouragement and pointers for the next lift, hit a new PR, high-five and cheer. Load up your bar heavier because your lifting buddy said that looked too easy, hit another PR, talk about your day at work and vent to a friend, miss a lift, smiles as bars are re-racked and hear "I'm doing it again! I HAVE this weight!" Inspiring a new member and helping them with their form, learning a new stretch, lifting with someone you've never met before, collapsing to the floor after a 1 RM lift because you pushed and fought so hard to get it...the list goes on and so do the smiles because of it.

This is GOOD STUFF people! THANK YOU! High-Fives all around! :)

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