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Best of 3 separate attempts for a 1 rep max of each exercise.Img_3574_3


Compare to September.
CrossFit Total demo video.Img_3351 Img_3352 Img_3353

Escaping from a back squat when you truly get stuck is an important skill to both know and be comfortable with.  Often, if not always, your squat max will increase when you are more comfortable going deep and being confident with the escape, if you need it.  You mentally know you are safe and can safely escape if you can't stand that heavy load up.  Nice work, Steve.  Strong work on getting 2 PR's, one being the 1st attempt at your back squat max load today!
Img_3362 Img_3463_2 Img_3556 Img_3500 Img_3546 Img_3382

Welcome (back) to CrossFit Flagstaff, Sara!  We are really excited to have you joining us full-time!
Thanks to Steve, Tara, Isabelle, and Cullen for all your help in coaching and spotting today!

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