CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total (clicklink for free CrossFit Journal article)

Best of 3 separate attempts for a 1 rep max of each exercise.Img_3455

Compare to January 7th and January 16th.

CrossFit Total demo video.

Welcome to CrossFit Patrick!!Img_3445 Img_3212 Img_3224_2 Img_3273 Img_3277_2 Img_3281_2 Img_3288 Img_3293 Img_3297 Img_3362 Img_3434 Img_3401 Img_3447

Billy, inspite of being required to take some time off the intensity of CrossFit WODs, we are super glad to have you helping us coach, here with your positive attitude, doing what you can!  Your enthusiasm is infectious, and we really enjoy having you as part of our team!  Thanks for continuing to come and be part of our CrossFit family!

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