CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total (clicklink for free CrossFit Journal article)

Best of 3 separate attempts for a 1 rep max of each exercise.Img_0313_2

Compare to February 2008.

Img_0159 Img_0170 Img_0049 Img_0181

These squats are good.  I would like to see more weight in the heels in the first 2 photos, and less weight in the toes, as seen more in the second 2 photos.  This would require pulling the hips back more, creating a more stable, strong base in which to root and stand out of.
Img_0195_resize Img_0198_resize Img_0202_resize Img_0204_resize Img_0206_resize Img_0210_resize Img_9990_resize Img_9991_resize Img_9992_resize Img_9993_resize Img_9994_resize Img_9995_resize
Eddie had lots of PR's today!  Nice work! Doing GREAT, Eddie!
Img_0038 Img_0272 Img_9976 Img_0016