CrossFit Total

CrossFitTotal (click link for free CrossFit Journal article)

Best of 3 separate attempts for a 1 rep max of each exercise.



Compare to November and January 7th.

CrossFit Total demo video.

Steve and Kyle go head to head again today, still volleying for the top position on the board.  Kyle PR'd on his Back Squat at 363 lb. but smoked himself out on the 1st Deadlift attempt, conceding his name on the coveted #1 slot to Steve to revel in at a 948 lb. Total today.  At least for awhile.  We predict a trading in and out on this one.  Steve's goal was to knock Kyle off that #1 slot.  Now for goal #2... 1,000 lb. CrossFit Total.  Nice work, EVERYONE who showed up today!  Lot's of PR's happening!
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How deep is deep enough??
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What is a flat, or "safe" back??