CrossFit Running and Endurance Cert

CrossFit Flagstaff and John Tuitele, CrossFit Strong Medicine at Summit Health and Fitness hosted the CrossFit Running and Endurance cert this weekend!  Big thanks to Brian Mackenzie and Rookie of CrossFit Endurance, who came up to Flagstaff for the weekend and gave us some serious hamstring therapy!!

The CrossFit Run Endurance Certification was developed to allowCrossFit Athletes to still CrossFit and compete in endurance sports and bring a standard to running. It brings to light the reality of Long Slow Distance/Oxidative training and why it is ineffective and extremely unhealthy. It gives you the ability to understand training endurance athletes and how to make strength and conditioning a major part of the program and not a supplement.
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Katie, Billly, Cullen, Lisa, and John all participated and hope to improve the running mechanics of all our clients with our new knowledge!

Thank you to John for hooking us up with the NAU Lumberjack stadium track at the High Altitude Training Center! Great venue and we really appreciate the HATC folks allowing us to use it!

More photos in the Photo Albums.