CrossFit Rowing Seminar - April 30th!

Hello! I'm Jonathan Burns, CrossFit Rowing Instructor.
I'm excited to be in your area April 30, at CrossFit Flagstaff!
Designed for coaches, owners, and athletes, the CrossFit Rowing specialty course is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills with the Concept 2 rower- one of the most critical elements to a successful CrossFit box.
Common to the gym, and commonly misused and underused, the rower should play a major role in the daily program of all CrossFit gyms. Learn how to quickly teach proper technique to large groups, see and correct mistakes, great group warm-ups, programming and scaling ideas, and how the rower can benefit all your athletes- from beginners to Games-level athletes.
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Additionally, seminar attendees will learn critical maintenance issues, and we'll answer all your questions about using the monitor, ideal drag factor, and more! The rower is an expensive piece of equipment, and this seminar will maximize your investment in this great machine! Last, as an added bonus, attendees will be eligible for special discounts on C2 products- so if you are looking to expand your fleet of rowers and SkiErgs, this is a great opportunity. Sign up here- space is limited!
I hope to see you there- if you have any questions, please reply back!
Jonathan Burns, CCFT
CrossFit Rowing Instructor
co-owner | head coach

CrossFit Coeur d'Alene :

301 N. 4th Street