CrossFit On Fire

Many of the trainers at CrossFit Flagstaff have had the opportunity recently to participate, teach, and step up and fill a place in our local communities with our fire departments and crews.

Img_0442Last weekend, Tara and I were honored to be instructors at the Level 1 CrossFit certification seminar at the Mesa Fire Department training ground.  We saw a lot of fire departments coming together, seeking to implement CrossFit training into their own departments and lives, finding it has greatly enhanced their performance on the job as well as reduced injury prevention.  Mike and I are starting to create some protocols for utilizing CrossFit in test cases at the fire departments, police departments, and any other safety departments that are interested in participating in gathering information about the effectiveness of implementing this type of training in these arenas.  If you are interested in participating, please email us at
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Cullen has been hired on with the Flagstaff Hot Shots, and we were invited by their crew boss and fellow CrossFitter, Bill Kuche, to come out and give an intro to CrossFit as training for them today.  Thanks for a great day out at your Ranch!!  Thanks to Mike, Cullen, Chloe, Katie Lowe, Katie Brown, and Jason and Sara Selman for your help in coaching and encouragement, and photography!
There is a new photo album of this event linked in our Photo Albums to the right of our website.
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AND, Tara Paprocki had her pinning at Summit Fire Dept. in March, inducting her officially into their fire department.  Congratulations!
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