CrossFit Kids Certified!

Congratulations to Katie and Billy on successfully attaining their CrossFit Kids certification!  They traveled to Brand X Martial Arts in Ramona, CA and spent a whole weekend "being a kid" - learning how best to teach kids movement early and how to see CrossFit and "training for life" through kids eyes and ears. 

We say -get set up in the position of a sumo deadlift.  What does that mean?  Look like an angry gorilla.  Oh.  Of course.
We say -dip and drive for the push press.  What does that mean?  Like the Oompa Loompas in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.   Oh. Got it!
So simple, a child can understand how to do it!  Or, maybe an adult???

CrossFit Flagstaff is proud to be offering kids classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 p.m., at the same time as the evening adult classes, making it easy for the family to all come together!  We're especially proud to have 2 such fine trainers leading our future generations to great health, safe movement, and stellar performances!

For more information about CrossFit training for kids, please check out CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Kids 101.  Also check out our own CrossFit Flagstaff KIDZ to see more information about our own kids classes!

For Time:

  • 5k Run

Compare to July 2008.

Who let her in, any way?   Brian finishes strong with some Elvis moves.
Img_2697 Img_2698
Katie has pretty good posture in her run and is striking at mid-foot forward, which is right where she needs to be, putting her hips right over her foot when she does strike the pavement.  In the 2nd photo, her knee is forward and high (creating the "4" they look for in Pose running), telling us that she is pulling the forward foot off the ground rather than pulling the pavement back with her foot.  This is much more efficient and easier on the joints. 
Brian needs to keep his hip more open as he leans forward and then in the 2nd photo we see he will heel strike first, forward of his body.  That heel strike creates more impact and also brakes the body, slowing the runner down and creating less efficiency in the stride.
Both Katie and Brian need to move their entire bodies forward, rather than swinging the arms across the body, losing some momentum in the side-to-side motion.
Try to lean forward through the torso and hips, falling into the run, using gravity to feed the forward momentum, keeping the body over the feet rather than the feet forward of the body, creating less work and less injury.  Watch video for more on this:  Fixing the Stride [wmv][mov]