CrossFit Games Open 14.4!

IMG_1004WOD - CrossFit Games Open 14.4

14 minute AMRAP: (rounds and/or reps) 60-calorie Row  50 Toes-to-Bar 40 Wall Ball shots - 20# M, 10'/14# W, 9' 30 Power Cleans - 135# M/95# W 20 Muscle-ups

Strength Focus 14 min. EMOM Odd Minutes: 3 Tire Flips Even Minutes:  3 Push Press at 75% 1RM


IMG_0997 IMG_0967 IMG_0960IMG_0985 IMG_0975 Welcome to Chris, Karissa, and John, visiting us from Be CrossFit (FL)!

IMG_0977 IMG_0957 The beauty of the Open - new breakthroughs in movement and weight, and lots of community supporting and cheering and pushing one another through challenges and mental places where we would otherwise falter on our own.