CrossFit Flagstaff in the Media featured this great video on our very own Robin Moore on the CrossFit Games Site and on the CrossFit Journal.

In 2001, one of Robin Moore’s friends pointed out he doesn’t usually see people who are overweight live into their 70s or 80s.

“This little bell went off in my head, because at the time I weighed 430 lb.,” says Moore, who also has diabetes.

Moore, 53, started his weight-loss journey by eating a little healthier and walking more. Though he lost 50 lb., he knew he needed something more. It wasn’t until June 2005 that he found CrossFit and CrossFit Flagstaff.

“I came to CrossFit, I met (owner) Lisa Ray, just started CrossFitting and eating better,” Moore says. “From June of 2008 to I believe it was April of 2009, I had lost 85 lb.”

And the weight continued to come off. However, due to diabetes, Moore still struggles with certain things. Ray says it was important to be careful with him as he loses feeling in his feet and is unable to know if they are cut or hurt.

“But all of that has gotten a lot better,” she says. “And he’s been much more diligent about just working the mechanics in the past, probably, year or two than I’ve ever seen him.”

In 2010, Moore decided to compete in the CrossFit Games San Diego Sectional. CrossFit Flagstaff coach Tara Ross says she was particularly impressed with Moore’s tenacity during box jumps, which are difficult for him because of his feet.

“Watching Robin jump on a 24-inch box that many times was inspirational. ... He kept going. He wanted all of those box jumps, and I think prior to sectionals, he had maybe jumped on a 24-inch box once or twice,” she says.

Moore now has a new goal for the coming years: masters competition.

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The Arizona Daily Sun did an article in the Business Section of the Sunday Paper on CrossFit Flagstaff. These great photos were taken by Jake Bacon and featured in the article as well. Click HERE to READ the entire article.

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