CrossFit Flagstaff at the East Valley Open 2013

IMG_9138These Athletes and Coaches headed to East Valley CrossFit on Saturday to represent our gym at the East Valley Open Olympic Weightlifting Meet.


USA WEightlifting logoOlympic Weightlifting Meets are quite different than the CrossFit Competitions that most of us have seen or been a part of. Check out the USA Weightlifting site for a lot of great information. But here are some basics of how yesterday went down...

IMG_8917IMG_9049The Basic Rules: 

Weightlifting competition is conducted in eight bodyweight categories for the men, ranging from 56 kg. (123.46 lb.) to 105+ kg.( over 231.49 lb.), and seven bodyweight categories for the women, ranging from 48kg. (105.82 lb.) to 75+kg. (over 165.35 lb.). There are also age related competitions for athletes 13 and under, and as old as 85 and above. Consequently, athletes are always able to compete with athletes their own age, size and gender.

Weightlifting consists of two events – the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk (C&J). In competition, each athlete is permitted three “attempts” in each lift. The highest weights successfully lifted by each athlete in each event comprise the athlete’s “Total”. The athlete with the highest total is the overall winner of the competition. 

IMG_9061 IMG_9060 

The first event in Weightlifting competition is called the Snatch. The term comes from the French word “arrache” and means to seize something suddenly. This lift is done with tremendous power and speed, the bar being lifted from the floor to arms length overhead in one motion, a motion which generally takes less than a second. Amazingly, the heaviest male weightlifters in the world are able to snatch more than 210kg. (nearly 500 lb).

Each athlete got three attempts at their pre-designated snatch weights before there was a break. After the short break each athlete had 3 attempts at their predetermined Clean and Jerk weights.

IMG_9088 IMG_9125 

IMG_9131 IMG_9151 


53Kg  Senior Katrina Marquez 35 50 Total 85

63Kg Master Tara Ross 45 64 Total 109

63Kg Senior Danielle Wilson 37 50 Total 87

69Kg Senior Ingrid Musa Caporaso 43 57 Total 100

75+Kg Senior Lindsay Wagner 51 55 Total 106

62Kg  Senior Josh Marquez 71 84 Total 155

77Kg  Senior Zachary Aragon 47 52 Total 99

94Kg  Senior Jesse Prescott 77 107 Total 184