CrossFit Flagstaff and the CrossFit Open

I have changed the name of this post numerous times, I have read numerous article and blog posts about the 2015 CrossFit Open with a variety of views, I have tried to find the 1 'exact perfect article' that I want to post in conjunction with the photos and high fives I have wanted to share. I have thought about the post a lot, and I still can't figure out exactly what I want to say, so I thought I would just start typing.... All of us go to our CrossFit gyms for different reasons. Too many reasons to mention here, but most of those reasons don't include trying to make it to the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA. Most of them involve wanting to be better at some aspect of our LIFE. We encourage everyone to keep a log book and keep track of their work outs (cough cough..most of you don't listen) to track your progress as well as to help you set goals. When you get discouraged with your progress they help you by being able to look back at how far you really have come. The CrossFit Open does the same thing. You get to input your scores to a world wide "Log Book" for 5 weeks and see where you rank among  thousands of other CrossFitters around the globe. You have the opportunity to see YOUR progress for all of the hard work you have put in over the last year. That progress, those 50 or even 5 spots you went up on the leader board from last year....THAT my friends is one of the reasons we CrossFit, to BE BETTER in the gym and at life.

This year EVERY CrossFit Flagstaff athlete has made BIG PROGRESS and I just want to say CONGRATS and THANK YOU for being the amazing community that you are and inspiring me and all of the others around you every time you walk through those doors! Take a look at some of the leader board shots of a few of our athletes from 2014 compared to 2015. The numbers and photos speak for themselves...enough random babbling from me. ;)

Kristin Kauffman - In 2014 she was 2,059th in the SW, in 2015 she finished 986th!!

IMG_4731 IMG_3127 IMG_2627 Kristin 2014 Kristin 2015

Holly Braun - In 2014 she finished 55th in her masters division and in 2015 50th!


Holly 2014 Holly 2015

IMG_3419 IMG_7287

Sarah Meyer - 2,657th in 2014 - 2,308th in 2015!


Sarah M 2014Sarah M 2015

IMG_6390 IMG_2621

Natalie Thompson - Missed putting in 1 score so she didn't get a rank in 2014, but in 2015 she completed ALL work outs and 1 of them RX'd and had a rank of 3,261st!

IMG_7607 IMG_0159 IMG_1768

Natalie CF Open 2014 Natalie CF Open 2015

Lindsay Wagner - 1,024th in 2014 - 558th in 2015!


Lindsay 2014 Lindsay 2015

Suzanne Nobles - 2,836th in 2014 and 1,844th in 2015!

IMG_6834 IMG_1284 IMG_0287

Suzanne 2014 Suzanne 2015

George Koch - in 2014 he was 117th in the world in his age group!

This year he is 36th in the world!

IMG_8173 IMG_0318 IMG_2604

George 2014 George 2015

Because George finished in the top 200 in the world in the Open, he will complete 4 more work outs here at CFF April 23rd-26th to try and earn a spot in the top 20 and a trip to Carson CA to the CrossFit Games in July! Stay tuned for more info on when he will be doing the WOD's and you can come cheer him on!