CrossFit For Hope: Kenya

CrossFit affiliates world-wide will come together today and perform a workout to raise awareness and money to support the CrossFit Kenya Initiative.

What is Hope for Kenya?

CrossFit Inc. is committed to making people's lives better in the 250 square-mile rural area surrounding Mombasa, Kenya. Education, food, and water are three major needs for the population in this area. Through the efforts of our affiliates, we can help the people of Kenya commit to, and invest in, improving their own conditions. We provide no handouts. By creating realistic, self-sustaining solutions to specific problems, we enable Kenyans to stand strong for generations to come.

the Workout


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
  50 Squats

  30 Pushups

  15 Pullups

Support CrossFit for Hope

Please donate to CrossFit Flagstaff's pledge or REGISTER and create a profile then let your friends and family know they can donate to support your efforts. 100% of donations will go toward this cause.

Thank you for all the support we received today!!

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Great to have the Kids join us today!  Strong efforts, pushing the adults! ;-)


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Laura represented with her "HOPE" t-shirt!

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