Create Your Own Gym Equipment

Imgp0745Building a garage gym can be done for a fraction of the cost of purchasing equipment from retailers.  A little time spent with a welder, hammer and nails, and various other simple implements and no more need for the Globo Gym.

Krista and Ahmik Jones of CrossFit Weekend Warriors have put together a comprehensive Garage Gym Shopping List of purchases you can make initially for some of the basics.

Pierre Auge of CrossFit Mobile has developed an awesome slam ball using a basketball and sand.  See his website for instructions on Building the Slammer.

Linc of CrossFit Sedona posted great directions for wooden plyobox construction.

Mike Burgener of  Mike's Gym has directions for building your own Lifting Platform.

Contact us here at CrossFit Flagstaff for any questions you have about welding equipment, learning to weld, welding your own pieces for your garage gym!

"The Bear Complex"

Max rounds in 20 minutes:
2x(Clean to Push Press to Back Squat to Push Press to Overhead Squat)
10 Knees to Elbows