Constructive Freeform



IMG_1154IMG_1154NUTS and BOLTS Session #7 -Clean and Jerk IMG_1138 IMG_1134 IMG_1134

Warmup: Medball Clean Teaching Progression-

  • Stance, object position in relationship to legs and frontal plane
  • Deadlift review (1st pull)
  • Deadlift Shrug -slow, building in speed and aggression to teach to power of hips over pull of arms, allow ball to float up straight arms
  • Front Squat review (receiving position, solid mechanics in squat, strong enough to take a load)
  • Shrug-Drop Under (3rd pull, focus on speed under the weightless object, meeting it vs pulling it higher)
  • Remind to stand up with the object every rep, no dropping early
  • Drill of 2 DL-Shrugs (violent to remind brain what body is capable of), then full Clean

Stretch triceps for rack position, 5-8 Front Squats with empty bar

Skill Work:  Hook grip discussion, Clean Pulls w/light weight x3, increase weight 3x3, Tall Power Cleans for fast elbows and hook grip release to Stop Front Squats (5 sec pause) 3x3 -mindful of grip/rack/high elbows, weight in heels, no bouncing/losing lumbar curve.  5+ Power Cleans - repeat reps if gripping bar in catch, focus on elbows driving around bar. 

Push Jerk review: discuss as a separate movement from Clean. Feet need re-set, elbows lower for straight drive, bar now in full grip w thumbs around the bar. Review hip extension.