Congratulations, Robin and Rob! CF Level 1 Certified!

IMG_4889 WOD -courtesy CrossFit Park City
Teams of 2 Complete For Time:

  • 2,000m Run or Row
  • 12 Rope Climbs -15'
  • 8,000 lbs. Push Jerk
  • 300 Situps

Complete one exercise before moving to the next.  You can do the exercises in any order you want.  One teammate rests while the other works.  Switch out as desired.
IMG_4831 IMG_4007

Congratulations Robin and Rob on your Level 1 cert from the Chandler Cert!


IMG_4814 IMG_4857 IMG_4822 IMG_4832 IMG_4855 IMG_4866

Woo!  Steve lookin' tight in the new girl shirts! (not that any girls are going to be able to wear that shirt now!)  Looks like Juan got a little hungry and started gnawing on the rope!