Congratulations, Katie B.!!!

Big congrats to Katie Brown!  Not only has she worked her a** off this year through paramedic school and PASSED all her exams!!!!, but Katie surprised herself (and no one else) by qualifying in the Open to go to Castle Rock, CO and compete in the 2012 CrossFit Games Southwest Regionals last weekend, and then proceeded to prove her mettle and climbed the leaderboard through the weekend, finishing in 13th place overall! What an incredible year of hard work and accomplishments for all her efforts and focus!

IMG_0594 IMG_3687 IMG_3682

WOD 1, Day 1 - "Diane"
21-15-9 rep rounds:  Deadlifts -155#, Handstand Pushups

IMG_3714 IMG_3714IMG_3714

WOD 2, Day 1 - For Time:
2k Row, 50 Pistols -alternating legs, 30 Hang Cleans - 135#

IMG_0655 IMG_0645 IMG_0645

Recovery and comforts to keep her going: ice baths, good food, and DAD!

IMG_3791 IMG_3786

WOD 3, Day 2 -
4 rounds for time:  10 one-arm DB Snatches - 70# alternating arms, Sprint

IMG_0705 IMG_0705 IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0706

photos courtesy Captain CF
WOD 4, Day 2 - For total time:
50 Back Squats - 95#, 40 Pullups, 30 Shoulders-to-Overhead -95#
50 Front Squats - 65#, 40 Pullups, 30 SH2OH - 65#
50 Overhead Squats - 45#, 40 Pullups, 30 SH2OH - 45#

A pretty low point during this heinous workout.  SO many reps and some judging that was challenging to deal with, left Katie and all other athletes feeling pretty well done-in.  However, nothing a little Crave Burger and a beautiful Rocky Mountains sunset can't help in lifting spirits at the end of this tough day!

IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0691

IMG_3844 IMG_3844 IMG_3844

WOD 5, Day 3 - For Load:
Snatch Ladder - increasing weight on the minute, each minute bought in by 20 Double Unders

Only the top 18 athletes would go on to WOD 6.  At the end of WOD 5, Katie sat at 19th place for about an hour. We were a bit dejected, but she was somewhat relieved, though we knew it would be hard to feel like she had totally finished if she didn't get to take her rightful place in the last workout.  Then...our wishes came true and Katie's name jumped to 18th place!  Then 17th!  And she finally ended up at 16th place!  YAY!  The universe realized it's mistake and Katie was IN, much to her dismay at that given moment!  So, off she went to re-group her head, get a little nap and massage, and our gym was sending her a TON of good vibes!

"You should have heard the cheers at the gym earlier when we heard the news! GO GET EM' KTB!!!!!!"

IMG_3875 IMG_3875 IMG_3875 IMG_3875

WOD 6, Day 3 - For Total Time:

3 rounds of:
7 Deadlifts -225#
7 Muscle-ups
3 rounds of:
21 Wall Ball -14 lb ball/10ft
21 Toes-to-Bar
100 foot Farmer carry, 70 lb dumbbells
28 Burpee Box Jumps, 20" box
100 foot Farmer carry, 70 lb dumbbells
3 Muscle-ups

Katie gave every single fiber of her being to those 6 workouts over the coarse of 3 days, with an electrifying finish in WOD 6, causing the crowd to chant her name and stare in awe as this small-statured female ripped 3 unbroken rounds of 225 lb. deadlifts off the floor as if they were plastic toys.  In her heat, she was the only female to complete the first couplet and nearly finish the 2nd couplet. 

IMG_3886 IMG_3886

Interviews, happy girl, proud coaches, excited gym support, and 13th place in the Southwest Regionals!

IMG_3884 IMG_3914 IMG_3914


Congratulations, Katie! You represented CrossFit Flagstaff well and we were SO proud the world got to see the woman we know, step into the arena last weekend.  Watch out, 2013!!!

See full photo album in our Flickr albums in the right sidebar of our website.


Now for the side-show entertainment:  The Izzy and Famous Faces Series at the Regionals!

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